Our Process

Our Process


We Build Standards That Last

At Content Industries we understand that technology and content accessibility are in a constant state of motion.  What works today might not work tomorrow.  That’s why our experts always keep an eye toward the future.  We build standards that meet the requirements of today—and tomorrow.   So when the next big thing does come around, your content will be ready to grow with the times. 

Our Validation Process 

We use a mix of smart automation practices and well-placed human checks to validate your content against the most comprehensive industry standards.  Through the combined use of software, like ACE by Daisy, and our accessibility expert’s discerning eyes; we can diagnose comprehensive accessibility solutions that meet or exceed even the most demanding accessibility standards.

Our Implementation Process

Once the compliance solution has been identified, our experts will consult with you on the best means of implementation.  We work with a massive library of software to provide comprehensive and efficient automation.  When a tool doesn’t exist, we build one.  Where a human touch is necessary, we offer logical content solutions.  The result is a streamlined, easily reusable process that will consistently put out high-quality accessible content. 


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