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Logictran, Inc. is a software development and consulting firm that specializes in document conversion and XML systems development. Our mission is to deliver software, services and support that provide extraordinary value. We are located in Minnetonka, Minnesota and serve customers world-wide.

Service Description
Conversion Software The R2Net product line converts word processing documents or richly formatted database objects into HTML, or XML. The R2Net suite covers the spectrum from easy to use desktop applications to highly customizable powerful developer components.

The Net2RTF product line converts HTML documents into word processing documents or database objects. The Net2RTF suite includes an easy to use desktop application and developer component.
Consulting We provide expertise in XML/HTML tools, document conversion systems, migration of legacy content and systems for content management. We do DTD/Schema development, software and systems analysis and database and website planning and development.
Document Conversion We convert documents authored in Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, Quark or PageMaker into HTML and XML formats.  

Our Customers

Logictran provides consulting for leading publishers and Fortune 100 companies world-wide. We provide the same commitment to quality and service to our smaller customers.  

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